Our goal is to provide the highest level of airborne intelligence solutions, enabling clients to deal with long-term economic, social and security issues in marine and border areas.

Our Objective

We provide cost-effective integration of ISR and ISTAR equipment and services into civilian-based airframes, in order to counter the effects of political, security and financial threats for nations worldwide.

Our airfames are modified with military and dual-use equipment to provide a high quality, value for money law enforcement ISR asset with standard fit hard points.


Aircraft ISR integration | Aircraft flight and surveillance training | Implementing airborne intelligence cell | Intelligence analyst instruction| Project financing for developing nations and contractors | End-product manufacturer of SecInt-Sirrush aircraft.


SecInt Air Support is a leading aircraft ISR integrator and a direct purchaser and financier of aircraft airframes for specialist modifications for the defense and intelligence markets. The management has both military intelligence operations and airframe modifications experience continuously spanning over a period of several decades. The SecInt design of the ORKA aircraft is our flagship airborne asset & provides a solution to provide essential aid to common problems such as Illegal Fishing, Illegal Bunkering, Narcotics Trafficking, Intelligence Gathering & Insurgency aid.
SecInt is a unique defense contractor specializing in the integration, installation, test and trials of mission equipment for these aircraft.

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Offices: UK, Cyprus, Poland, USA