The Sirrush Performs Where Others Can't, A Bespoke ISR Solution

In Partnership with the iconic BN2T- 4S AIRFRAME

The Britten-Norman aircraft are built to last, which is why aircraft that were built in the 1960s and 1970s remain in daily service today. Britten-Norman build workhorses with rugged reliability that give you an unmatched return on your investment. The base platform has proved itself, operating in some of the toughest enviroments an aircraft platform can face.

Our SECINT-SIRRUSH bespoke ISR solution can provide essential aid to common problems such as Illegal Fishing, Illegal Bunkering, Narcotics Trafficking, Intelligence Gathering & Insurgency aid.

Designed to integrate into law enforcement, military & intelligence services current operational capabilities

The asset becomes part of the wider intelligence picture allowing tasking to become more effective especially with SecInt’s training team.

Our refurbished BN aircraft all go through an extensive programme to bring the aircraft up to date. They are then prepared under the SecInt ISR design to be modified into a modern low-cost ISR aircraft under the SecInt-Sirrush brand. To demonstrate our commitment to workmanship, all BN platforms can be offered with our pre-owned warranty programme as part of the deal. Building on the pedigree of the earlier Islander models, the next generation SecInt-Sirrush combines the simplicity of single pilot operation with the capability and feel of a small airliner.

Sensors & Technologies

Increased capacity and higher all up weight allow the aircraft to be equipped with a broad array of the latest sensors and technologies, whilst also increasing the maximum endurance of the aircraft.

How can the SecInt-Sirrush Meet Your Bespoke Needs?

This aircraft is ideally equipped to support surveillance operations including counter terrorism, serious and organized crime including counter narcotics, border security and safer city projects. This aircraft can be quickly modified to carry radar and automatic Identification of shipping for maritime patrol. Under the SecInt-Sirrush design programme various other SigInt and Visual sensors can easily be installed to the platform.

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